Summer Reading and Assignments 2023


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APES: Read chapters 1 and 2 in the textbook to prepare for an introductory quiz. Take notes. There should be 1/2-1 page for each module. They can be typed or hand written.

Ch1: Studying the state of our earth
Pgs 1-31
Ch2: Environmental systems
Pgs 32-64

Honors Biology: The material from Unit 1 includes modules 0-5. You will be responsible for knowing the material in modules 0-2 on your own for the first unit test the third week in September. Have the active reading guides done for the first day of class.

Unit 1
Module 0

Module 1

Module 2



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World Languages

AP Spanish Language & Culture

Students entering Spanish II should join this Duolingo class and play for 20-30 minutes per week to review for the upcoming year.

Students entering Spanish IV and Conversation and Culture should watch some shows and/or movies of their choosing in Spanish over the summer. Students can pick a show (any show) on Netflix, Pantaya, or another streaming platform—most have options to search in Spanish. If they don't have access to these services, they can choose a Spanish speaking YouTuber and watch a couple of videos a week. They should choose whatever genre of show/movie appeals to them!