Previous Global Education Trips

Costa Rica: March 2019 (Spring Break)

After a successful 2017 program, 索莱伯里学校很高兴在春假的第一周再次提供西班牙语沉浸和哥斯达黎加服务学习之旅.

We continued our partnership with the non-profit organization Abriendo Mentes ("Opening Minds") in Playa Potrero, 哥斯达黎加瓜纳卡斯特地区的一个沿海小村庄,有500名居民. Abriendo Mentes的使命是通过教授英语的青少年和成人项目来增强社区成员的能力, computer skills, and fitness.

During their visit, Solebury School students stayed with host families, worked on a community project, took Spanish classes, and volunteered with students at Abriendo Mentes. We also traveled around the Guanacaste region to zip-line, hike, kayak, paddle board, snorkel, and visit beaches.

阅读更多来自老师兼监护人Angelo Coclanis的内容,并查看照片, from the trip here.


Food In France: Spring Break 2018

Solebury School partnered with AtlasWorkshops for an exciting trip to France! The trip’s themes of food, 可持续发展和法国文化和历史帮助学生们回答了这个问题, “How can France’s food system change how we eat?”

As students traveled to Annecy, Lyon and the south of France, they focused on the connection that French people have to food, how this is changing over time, and how this can inspire new relationships with food back home.


Architecture & Design in Italy: Spring break 2018

这次独特的旅行主要关注意大利丰富历史的建筑组成部分. 学生们探索这个美丽的国家,回答有关建筑完整性的问题, design, use of space, and structural functionality. 作为次集中,阶级制度和现代空间的使用得到了强调.


Many students of Dr. Jen Perez's winter elective, Architecture & Design, took part in the trip.



Shakespeare in the summer! For more than 60 years, 这个国际公认的戏剧节在斯特拉特福德举行, Ontario.

Students traveled to Niagara Falls, spent two days at the Stratford Festival, and toured the bustling city of Toronto.

While at the festival, our group attended matinees, enjoyed a backstage tour of the costume and props warehouse, and attended pre-show talks!




Solebury School partnered with the non-profit organization Abriendo Mentes in Potrero, a small village in the Guanacaste region of Costa Rica. Abriendo Mentes的使命是通过教授英语的青少年和成人项目来增强社区成员的能力, computers and fitness. 索莱伯里学校的学生住在当地寄宿家庭,并与阿布里恩多·门特斯的学生一起工作, as well as toured the area, flexed their Spanish skills, learned to surf, and much more. It was an incredible experience. In a newsletter, Abriendo Mentes的总监Rachael Sine提到我们的旅行是他们2017年3月的亮点之一。”...来自美国索利伯里学校的一群学生参观了阿布里恩多·门特斯一周, the first group of the kind to do so." Read more about our students' trip here.

“我最喜欢的经历之一是和学校一起去哥斯达黎加. 不得不说西班牙语,让自己沉浸在西班牙文化中真是太美妙了. 我喜欢那里,并且和寄宿家庭建立了牢固的联系." —SASHA, '19, about the 2017 trip

Paris Eiffel Tower - Solebury School

France: Spring Break 2016

Paris Eiffel Tower - Solebury School

Photo by Rishabh Kancherla '19

During spring break 2016, 索利伯里的学生们前往法国参加一场艺术庆典, food, and history of France. Our trip began with three days in Paris, 游览伟大的博物馆和纪念碑,然后登上TGV(高速铁路),在普罗旺斯南部地区和蓝色海岸度过剩下的时间. It was an unforgettable journey, with visits to the beautiful cities of Avignon, Aix-en-Provence, Cannes, Saint-Paul-de-Vence and Nice, as well as a stop in the Principality of Monaco. This trip was open to all students in grades 9-12, 目前正在学习法语课程的学生优先.



Germany Exchange: Spring Break 2015

Hamburg Germany - Solebury School

2015年春季,韦德娱乐app下载地址学校的学生与来自中国的学生进行了交流 Helmuth Hubener School (Stadtteilschule Helmuth Hubener) in Hamburg, Germany. 我们去了汉堡,在春假期间和德国家庭住在一起,或者在四月份接待了一位德国学生. While in Hamburg, 韦德娱乐app下载地址学校的学生和他们的德国交换生一起上课, took an excursion to the Baltic Sea, visited Berlin and Lübeck, and explored Hamburg on a boat tour and walking tour!



Nicaragua Trip - solebury School韦德娱乐app下载地址为期九天的尼加拉瓜之旅为学生提供了西班牙语和尼加拉瓜文化的强烈沉浸体验, along with meaningful community service work. 学生们与西班牙语学校和社区外展中心合作, La Mariposa, and stayed in the neighborhood of San Caralampio. La Mariposa is located in the pueblo of La Concepción.

Students also spent a day at El Nisperal, an organic coffee plantation and research center. While there, students were able to take part in the harvest.




French Exchange: Spring Break 2014

2014年3月,索莱伯里学校的两名法语老师和他们的学生参观了法国. 他们以周末游览巴黎开始,然后乘火车去图卢兹,然后去 Campus Saint Christophe school in Masseube. They attended classes and participated in activities on campus, and had the chance to explore some of the local sites, including the beautiful Basque countryside and the Pyrenees. In November 2013, Solebury School hosted 14 St. Christophe students and their teachers.