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TEDxSoleburySchool Talk: Surviving Disaster in a Box
When natural disasters occur, women are 14% more likely to die than men. This statistic is evident in societies across the world who limit women and narrow their opportunities for success. When a society constructs 如何 women should behave, it makes it difficult for them to reach beyond standards that don’t teach them 如何 to climb trees or swim and leave them exposed to 性ual or physical violence. In a world 在哪里 many women still act as the primary caretakers of children and the elderly, women need to be incorporated into conversations about natural disaster preparation and decision-making. If women are not equipped with the correct safety procedures and tools to keep themselves and others safe, 在哪里 灾难来袭时,他们会转身吗? 如何 他们会保护自己吗 什么 他们会吗??


Ellie Herman is a senior at 韦德娱乐app下载地址 and in her second year of the Teach2Serve 社会变革计划. 为她的Teach2Serve顶点项目, Ellie held a collection drive at her school and applied for a grant to collect hygiene items that were pack年龄d into kits and distributed globally by the Presbyterian Disaster Assistance. Ellie also held a carwash fundraiser to raise money for the non-profit organization 我支持女孩们, which distributes menstrual hygiene products to homeless women and women recovering from natural disasters can have access to menstrual hygiene products. Ellie is ordained as a youth elder at her Presbyterian church and has been a volunteer for various youth events and programs. 校外活动, 艾莉经营自己的订婚生意, 在哪里 she designs and develops products for companies and organizations on a national level. 在2018年的秋天, Ellie will attend Drexel University to study global studies and entrepreneurship.